Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Boca Raton

Our job is to make your bankruptcy process proceed with ease. Our focus is to work with you at a comfortable pace to prepare your petition and then submit it to the court system. Our team works with to coach and facilitate the information gathering, and provide you with the representation necessary to successfully navigate through the courts and get your discharge.

On Average, a bankruptcy takes about 90 Days to complete. There are seven basic steps to the individual bankruptcy (corporate bankruptcies are a approached differently).

  1. Gather information
  2. Credit Counseling
  3. Complete Petition and Review with Your attorney
  4. File it with the Court
  5. Meet with the Trustee
  6. Finish your second counseling course
  7. Wait for discharge or plan confirmation

Step 1: Gather Information

You will be working with your own personal bankruptcy paralegal to completely document your financial picture. They will guide you through each of the steps to collect the information, documents and fill out all of the required forms. They are your friend and are trained to guide you through all of the paperwork. No one expects you to have all of your information and paperwork ready. It is a process of working together and completing the picture, like a scavenger hunt.

Step 2 & 6: Counseling Courses

In 2005, Congress added the requirement that each individual pursuing protection in the Bankruptcy Courts would complete two courses. These courses are quick, online and we will support you in completing them at the appropriate time.

Step 3: Complete Petition and Review with Your Attorney

Once the snapshot of your financial situation is complete, your attorney will be reviewing all legal issues with you and create a complete picture of how the bankruptcy will proceed. We will prepare you fully and double-check all of the information. You will have plenty of time to get all your questions answered and concerns dealt with in that meeting. Likewise, your paralegal may have some additional questions or document requests for you.

Step 4: File it with the Court

The Bankruptcy Court accepts all documentation electronically. Our office uses sophisticated software to manage this process, and ensure that all information is managed appropriately and sent to the Court when necessary.

Step 5: Meet with the Trustee

Once filed with the Federal Bankruptcy Court, a meeting will be scheduled with the Bankruptcy Trustee. The Trustee meeting is generally very quick and you will be asked some simple questions.

Step 7: Wait for Discharge or Plan Confirmation

Approximately 8 weeks after your meeting with the Trustee, you will receive a letter signed by the court which says “DISCHARGE OF DEBTOR” This document is the document that frees you of all of the debts discharged in the bankruptcy proceedings. Keep this document in a safe place. If you filed a Chapter 13, you will receive a “CONFIRMATION of CHAPTER 13 PLAN” which means that your restructuring program was accepted by the court.

Depending upon your circumstances, there may be other steps required to complete your bankruptcy process. If necessary, we will discuss these during your free debt diagnostic and free consultation.

If you have any questions about the bankruptcy process, fill out the contact form and we will get back to you quickly.