Credit Repair Attorney Boca Raton

Everyone has the right to have only accurate, properly reported information appear on their credit report. Inaccurate information may be challenged through a process referred to as “disputing”. Disputing is an administrative process that requires very specific communication with the three credit bureaus. Proper disputing requires that information is provided to the bureaus in a particular manner, and the results must then be carefully tracked to validate the process.

Our firm can conduct this activity on your behalf using our background and experience to get you the results you need. We use a sophisticated software application, and our analysts will work with you to identify inaccuracies on your credit reports. They then manage appropriate communication and follow up and track the response from the bureaus. This process unfolds fully over a number of months.

The service is not magic, nor is it a shotgun approach to communication. Inaccuracies are identified and communication is made on your behalf to target very specific items that the bureaus have failed to manage appropriately.

Please keep in mind that the bureaus have an absolute right to report accurate information. They also have the right to decline challenges as frivolous if they believe that the challenge is not made in good faith.

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